Cracked rib treatments?

Answer TIME - thats the only treatment other than surgery (if they are like stabbing your organs or whatever)you need someone to cater to you - wait on you hand and foot - it wont help and you wont apprec... Read More »

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What Are the Treatments for Dry Cracked Skin?

If your skin is dry and cracked, it can be unsightly and painful. Ridding yourself of excessively dry skin requires time, patience and ongoing care. However, once you learn how to treat your skin, ... Read More »

What Are the Treatments for Cracked Heels?

Cracked heels, also known as heel fissure, are caused by the accumulation of dry skin on the bottom of your heels. Routine pedicures prevent cracked heels because it sloughs away dry skin. However,... Read More »

May have cracked a rib?

Hi Cezanne. Yes, you should get it checked out. It sounds like a separated rib (not a cracked rib) which is called a "costochondral separation". Ribs (costo) attach to cartilage (chondral) which... Read More »

How to Fix a Cracked Oil Pan?

A cracked oil pan is a serious problem, but one that doesn't necessarily require a trip to the repair shop. Only aluminum oil pans crack. The method required to fix a cracked oil pan is determined ... Read More »