Cracked Heel Relief?

Answer Cracked heels are caused by a lack of moisture in your feet or from calluses that have developed from a lack of care. You can regularly see a podiatrist or a pedicurist for treatment to relieve cra... Read More »

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Cracked heel, what do I do?

You may need a more moisture-intensive lotion.But you need to keep lotioning it several times a day until the skin can grow back and heal. Otherwise you are just tearing it open. And try to move in... Read More »

How to Heal a Cracked Horse Heel?

Even with every ounce of prevention possible, a horse develops cracked heels or greasy heels in damp weather conditions. A cracked heel causes inflammation and pain, making it difficult for a horse... Read More »

What is Single Relief and Dual Relief in a VW Engine?

In a VW engine, the terms "single relief" and "dual relief" refer to the oil pressure valves Volkswagen uses to regulate the flow of oil between the oil sump, the pump and the engine itself. Depend... Read More »

Will my tongue heel!! Plz help!!!?

Dont get too worried.. it will heal by itself.. just try when u have time ..take an ice cube and put pressure on the cut u are saying.. =]]I experienced it once... it took 1 week for it to heal... ... Read More »