Crabapple Fungi?

Answer Crabapples are valued as ornamental trees, producing showy white or red flowers in the spring. Their fruits are edible; however, the general consensus, according to North Dakota State University, i... Read More »

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How big will a crabapple tree get?

The height of a crabapple tree varies depending on the cultivar or species. The average crabapple tree reaches a height between 15 and 25 feet. Dwarf crabapple trees barely grow to 5 feet in height... Read More »

How to Eat the Southern Crabapple?

Crabapples and regular apples are close kin, with crabapples defined as those that are two inches or less in diameter. Most varieties, including southern crabapples, are very tart and astringent. T... Read More »

How do I care for a crabapple tree?

WateringWater crabapple trees every two to three weeks during a dry season. Give the tree 2 to 6 inches of water at once. Drought conditions will cause a crabapple tree to withhold its fruit the ne... Read More »

Ornamental Crabapple Trees?

Selecting crabapple trees (Malus sp.) for your yard may be a daunting task. Nurseries sell over 200 named varieties of crabapple trees and growers produce new varieties every year. Most currently a... Read More »