Crab shell stuck in throat Won't come out?

Answer It probably has gone down and what you are feeling is the swelling caused by scratching. However if you are convinced that you have swallowed the shell and it is still there, go to the casualty de... Read More »

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Why is my hermit crab out of its shell?

Land hermit crabs do not grow their own shells; instead, they inhabit discarded shells from other species such as snails. Hermit crabs in captivity need shells not only for protection against other... Read More »

What is a soft shell crab?

BBQs, heading to the beach and outdoor concerts are some of what makes summer a summer. Fresh and tasty seafood makes this season more enjoyable, too. In season from April to late October, soft she... Read More »

How to Clean a Soft-Shell Crab?

Blue crabs are the most widely available of the soft-shell variety. Before you can fry, broil or prepare the crab, you'll need to clean it properly. Sniff the crab prior to cleaning it. A fresh cra... Read More »

When is soft-shell crab season?

Soft-shell crabs are in season from late May through September in the Northeast. The season lasts longer in the warmer South, running from early April to late October or early November. The crab po... Read More »