Crab or Lobster?

Answer's better to have lobsters on your piano, than crabs on your organ.

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Other than Red Lobster, can someone suggest a good restaurant for Crab legs &/or Lobster?

Joe's Crab ShackorRattlesnake Club, The300 River Place Dr.(Jefferson Ave.)Detroit, MI313-567-4400orNorthern Lakes Seafood CompanyRadisson Kingsley Hotel39495 N. Woodward Ave.(Long Lake Rd.) Bloomfi... Read More »

Is Sebastian a crab or a lobster?

In the Disney movie "The Little Mermaid," Sebastian is a crab that the king sends to watch Ariel and keep her out of trouble. Samuel E. Wright does the voice of Sebastian.References:Disney Go: FAQD... Read More »

What is the crab&lobster skeletal system?

The crab and lobster are both crustaceans, who are invertebrates (animals without a spine). They have exoskeletons, which means their skeletal systems are on the outside of the body with the muscl... Read More »

Any all you can eat crab and/or lobster places near norwich, ct?