Cpu fan slowing down after 2 sec.?

Answer Computer from Hell by the sounds of it

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Why is my MacBook Pro slowing down?

It may not be necessary to buy more memory. How much do you currently have? The average user only needs around 2GB, while more experienced users such as myself carry around 4-6GB. You have plenty o... Read More »

Why is my laptop slowing down?

Though a decrease in performance can affect any operating system, the problem most often occurs on laptops running Microsoft Windows. A computer that runs slower than its new equivalent can be caus... Read More »

Why my computer is slowing down?

If you still have a copy of XP, maybe you could uninstall Vista and use XP.Because the answer is VISTA is making your computer run slow!It's full of programming that monitors and allows/disallows w... Read More »

Why is my computer connection slowing down?

Over time, your computer connection is likely to slow down. There can be many reasons for computer slow down. Slow connection is commonly caused by poor or no antivirus software, memory shortage, o... Read More »