Cow can I filter out a specific sound from an audio recording?

Answer try audacity and use the equalizer feature

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Sound in Audio recording?

Audacity works great for that - you can search anywhere in the file - it is free: Media Player can do that too.

Does recording a video in Full HD make the sound quality better than if you were recording in the 240p / 360p?

canon specifies linear (uncompressed) stereo audio for this camera, so it should have best audio for all video options. that being said, you still won't be able to record longer than 1 hour at a t... Read More »

I fastened my iPhone 3GS on to an RC airplane with the video record on It all worked fine till I took off then the video continued recording but the sound stopped recording until I landed. Help pleas?

definelty not, however if you do not pay for unlimited internet, you will be charged for the use of the internet.

How do i get different macros in a macro recording program to run in only 1 specific window?

check out this one that helped me before