Cow Tipping Facts?

Answer It is hotly debated among cow-interested circles whether cow tipping is real or simply an urban legend. Both sides have presented supporting evidence in scientific and anecdotal form. The real ques... Read More »

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At a sit down restaurant where they take your order and serve you, it is customary to leave 15 to 20% (before tax). You can leave more or less depending upon the level of service.Fast food: nothin... Read More »

Is tipping really for the Birds?

No and yes. You should tip if you felt the service was good. But you shouldn't if you thought the service was bad. some patrons think tipping is mandatory, but in reality it is a token of appreciat... Read More »

Tipping, how generous are you?

This is the very reason I think it should be mandatory that every person has to wait tables for at least a week! I've waited tables and been a bartender and I have seen my share of cheap people. I ... Read More »

Restaurant Tipping?

I always give between 15-20% way, I go about is to look at the number of the total bill with tax and all and DOUBLE, if the amount is 23.56...I will leave 4.00 dollars...31.6... Read More »