Cover songs on youtubeHelp?

Answer Yes, you have to pay for the rights to publish a recording of a cover. You either pay the composer or pay the US Copyright Office (for a license under 17 USC § 115, i.e., a license to make and per... Read More »

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Why does any video play on my laptop except for youtubeHELP?

try checking to see if you have flash player installed and it is the most up to date version and make sure your browser is the most up to date version... other then that it could be a problem with ... Read More »

R&P: What are your favorite cover songs?

My favorite cover song.Love In Vain - Robert Johnson (original)…Love In Vain - Rolling Stones (cover)…Here's a fe... Read More »

What are your favourite cover versions of well known songs?

Difficult oneEmotions bee-gees sung by Destiny's child…Whiskey in the jar traditional irish song by MetallicaKnock on heavens door original from ??? sung b... Read More »

R&P.. Same song, Different vibe! What are your favorite cover songs that have a completely different vibe...?

Marilyn Manson singing this little ditty…