Cover Letter: How to End a Letter in English?

Answer A cover letter for a job in an English-speaking country has to demonstrate your command of the English language. Understanding the correct format and structure of a cover letter will help you land ... Read More »

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What is the difference between a letter of interest&a cover letter?

While job seekers may be required to use both cover letters and letters of interest during their job search, there are several differences between the way these letters are written and used.Purpose... Read More »

How to End a Cover Letter?

The ending of a cover letter when applying for a new job is crucial. If it's not well-written, it can leave both you and the potential employer feeling unsure of your future employment with them. W... Read More »

How to Write a Letter in Old English?

Writing a letter in Old English is much like writing a letter in any language. However, one must remember that Old English (aka Anglo-Saxon or Anglish) is a dead language, meaning that very few peo... Read More »

How to Write a Cover Letter?

Poor cover letters. They get no love. As much as we despise them, they’re a chance to make a case, cover everything we can’t express in our resumes – which is a lot – and come across as rea... Read More »