Courses in Zoology?

Answer Students enrolled in a zoology program study animal life and are concerned with the function and structure of animal bodies. The courses in the program focus on an animal's interaction within and o... Read More »

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University Courses in Zoology?

Almost everyone loves cute and furry critters, but for those interested in the science of the animal world, studying zoology can be a rewarding experience. University studies in the field cover top... Read More »

Zoology College Courses?

If you enjoy animals and want to work with them for a living, a degree in zoology may be ideal for you. Zoologists perform many tasks in a zoo, such as caring for animals and managing their habitat... Read More »

What Courses Are Required for a Zoology Major?

Zoology is the study of animals and their environment. At most universities, the major integrates across several disciplines including behavior, biology, ecology and evolution to prepare graduates... Read More »

Lab Ideas for Zoology?

Most children find animals fascinating, so it is not very difficult to get them interested in zoology experiments. Experiments in zoology can be formulated to cover different aspects such as the gr... Read More »