Couples Guessing Games?

Answer You can spend everyday with your partner and come to believe you know everything about your partner, but playing couples guessing games can help reveal the truth. Couples guessing games are most en... Read More »

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Which games show would have contestants guessing popular responses to survey question?

In the auditions they are on saturday, then saturday and sunday in bootcamp. When the live shows are on they are on everyday.

Fun Drinking Games For Couples?

Okay so this is the rules for the drinking game called cardee macdennis. It is usually played with four but i'm suer you can adjust it to just two people. It is very intense so if you and you're bo... Read More »

Couples Computer Games?

Video games are an indelible part of our digital culture. So when two people start dating, one of them might have a fondness for video games. Sometimes it's more than fondness, and hard-core gamers... Read More »

Ice Breaker Games for Couples?

If you are meeting up with a date for the first time, a long silence can be deadly. Not only is it awkward, it prevents the two of you from getting to know each other. A good icebreaker game gets t... Read More »