Countries which are having risk of Tsunami?

Answer Type your answer here... because im awezome

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Which countries in the world broadcast CSI Miami and which TV-stations in those countries?

it comes out in America on 23rd September on CBS but dunno in the UK

Which risk of using headphones is not a safety risk?

it can tune out loud noises and other distractions in environment

Is there risk in having a hip replacement?

On One Hand: Hip Replacement Carries RisksThere are some risks involved in having hip replacement surgery. These include, according to the Mayo Clinic, blood clots, infection, fracture (of good par... Read More »

What is the risk of having a baby at age 45?

the only real risk to the baby is a higher chance of Downs syndrome, there are other risks associated with the pregnancy such as premature birth etc. but overall there is no real reason why a woman... Read More »