Countries That Use Natural Gas for Auto Fuel?

Answer About 80 countries use natural gas as auto fuel as of December 2010. Natural gas, or compressed natural gas (CNG), costs about 50 percent less than gasoline when delivered to a home, and about 25 p... Read More »

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Are there any countries that use E85 as their main fuel?

As of March 2010, 45 percent of Brazil's motor fuel comes from sugarcane, which is used to make ethanol fuels like E85. Every gas station throughout Brazil offers E85, with the country being the s... Read More »

Synthetic Auto Oil Vs. Natural Auto Oil?

When comparing the differences between synthetic and natural, or conventional, oil you have to look at some of the misconceptions regarding synthetic oil. You also have to compare how they perform ... Read More »

How much fossil fuel does the U.S. consume compared to other countries?

The United States is the largest consumer of fossil fuel in the world. The nation's combined consumption of coal, oil and natural gas in 2004 was equivalent to 2,000 million tons of oil. In contras... Read More »

Synthetic Auto Wax Vs. Natural Car Wax?

Waxing your car preserves the life of the paint, and ultimately the life of the body of your car. Regular waxing prevents water from penetrating the finish and rusting the body. There are many di... Read More »