Counting & Sorting Games in Kindergarten?

Answer Kindergarten children have tests and homework still to come in their educational lives, so it's important that these early school years are enjoyable. However, kindergarten is still school, and it ... Read More »

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Kindergarten Sorting Games?

Sorting games help kindergartners distinguish between varying characteristics and provide a good foundation for future math skills. These sorting games also teach kindergartners how to classify obj... Read More »

Kindergarten Games for Counting to 100?

Counting to 100 is a huge accomplishment for kindergarten-age children. Many kids can easily count to ten or twenty, but moving beyond that can be overwhelming for them. Using counting games as pra... Read More »

Counting Games for Kindergarten Children?

Young children tend not to have a great attention span, therefore trying to teach them anything can be a mission that tests your patience more than the child's knowledge. However, valuable skills s... Read More »

How to support childrens interest in counting, numbers, sorting and matching?

I would involve them in everyday activities that incorporated those concepts - counting the number of apples to purchase at the grocery store, passing out a certain number of cookies to each person... Read More »