Counterparts for the Vocaloids?

Answer yes her brother mikuo

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Why don't schools just use free counterparts of expensive programs?

Because GIMP is not as good/well developed as photoshop....and they always go for common more expensive software.

Are American-made cheeses faithful to their European counterparts of the same name?

I have never had European cheese, just Wisconsin cheese. Wisconsin is the dairy state, they produce fantastic cheese. Never heard of Bitto cheese...

For what language editions of Wikipedia do no traditional encyclopedia counterparts exist?

Interesting question! It seems that a good way to answer it would be to perform a cross-checking of the "List of encyclopedias by language" [1] with "List of Wikipedias" [2], [3]. The format of tho... Read More »

Why don't the marines bring back the raiders instead of marsoc who I don't believe does as good of a job compaired to their army counterparts?

The Raiders were disbanded after WW 2 because the Marines ended out using them as line infantry because the missions they were designed for never happened and their training was being wasted. Also,... Read More »

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