Could your sex drive be lower when you are pregnant?

Answer Answer sure, your much more tired than before and your hormones are crazy now.

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Is it normal to experience PMS symptoms such as mild cramps lower back ache tender breasts chills and be pregnant had intercourse at right time hoping to be pregnant about 5 days away from period?

An Answer for You I just answered one question and touched on this subject... Unfortunatley the problem with symptoms of pregnancy is that they are similar to symptoms of colds, flus, PMS, stress,... Read More »

What age do you think kids should drive at 16, lower, or higher?

i dont think age really matters, aint not one of 'em able to drive worth a damn anyways. i think it should be on a "can you acually do it?" basis. i'm 16. i have my liscence. i have absolutely no t... Read More »

With the new 3D TV's coming out, will it drive the price of regular LCD TV to be lower?

Yes, the price of LCD tvs have dropped. Just like when Plasma first came out, the price was at the $25,000 range and now they are less than $1,000 for a 50". The best time to buy a tv is when the n... Read More »

Lower abdominal is hard does it mean im pregnant?

No it can mean lots of things - like gas. If you know there is a chance you are pregnant take a test. Signs like that is way to small to go by.