Could your sex drive be lower when you are pregnant?

Answer Answer sure, your much more tired than before and your hormones are crazy now.

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Does your stomach hurt in the lower part could you be pregnant?

Answer it depends on many other factors. Have you had recent unprotected sex? Have you missed a period? Do you have any other symptoms such as sore breasts, sickness etc? If you have missed your p... Read More »

What could be a pain in your right abdominal lower side if you are pregnant?

AnswerPains in you abdomen are common in pregnancy. I am a mother of four healthy beautifu children... but carrying theM was painful! As your stomach begins to expand and stretch to accomodate the ... Read More »

Is it normal for your lower abdomin to be a bit stiff or hard when you are one month pregnant?

Answer It goes very stiffAnswerIt doesn't usually get hard until you are about 3 and a half month pregnant.

If your boyfriend ejaculated on your panties but did not make direct contact to your vagina you've already had your period could you still be pregnant or could stress cause pregnancy symptoms?

Answer Stress is the most likely culprit for the pregnancy symptoms. It is very unlikely, although not completely impossible, for enough sperm to find their way into the vagina to cause pregnancy. ... Read More »