Could your boyfriend's mom obtain custody of you?

Answer Answer No.Before a court will address any change of custody both biological parents must voluntarily relinquish their parental rights or have those rights terminated by the court for reasons of ab... Read More »

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Could a stepfather get custody of your 2 girls if something should happen to you you have full custody and their biological father has a criminal history?

In order for the stepfather to gain custody in the event of the mother's death, there would first have to be a number of circumstances. If the father is no longer in jail, has a job, home, and a me... Read More »

Could the father obtain full custody of his child if the mother is exposing the child to drug and alcohol abuse?

Answer Logic would dictate that the answer would be, absolutely.Unfortunately, the reality is, maybe.In circumstances such as described the judge will often deny full permanent custodial rights an... Read More »

How can your aunt obtain custody of you without your mother preventing it?

Answer She would need to file a petition in court to become the minor's legal guardian.The biological parent(s) would have the right to contest the action. Both sides would be heard and a judge wou... Read More »

How do you obtain custody of your sister's child?

You must petition the court for guardianship and provide evidence that is serious enough for the court to declare the mother unfit and appoint you as the legal guardian. You should consult with an ... Read More »