Could you think of anything better than CherryCheri♥ and some champagne?

Answer Awww shucks!I could think of it, but I can't get Abby into a G-string.

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Who is this Samuel Adams and why does he think his beer is anything better than pi ss water?

Samuel Adams was a Founding Father.Jim Koch and his business partnersstole his name as a marketing gimmickbecause they thought he was a brewer.He wasn't a brewer,he was a maltster.There's a differe... Read More »

Do you ever see newborn and baby troll questions and think "I could do better than that"?

Help! I'm at work and realized I left my baby at home in his carseat on top of the stove with the burners on!WHAT DO I DOOOOOOO?

Do you think i could do anything to improve the way I look (pic)?

Try changing your hair style. Maybe go for a Calvin Klein inspiration.…or…

Is there anything better than 1080p?