Could you test for pregnancy a week after unprotected sex?

Answer No, wait at least another week

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Could it be a symptom of pregnancy if your stomach hurts a week after unprotected sex?

You had unprotected sex a week ago today and your period was only two days long It's usually 4 to 5 days you took a home pregnancy test but it was negative could you still be pregnant?

Answer It is very unlikely that you are pregnant. When women want very much to become pregnant, or are very afraid that they might be, they often experience pregnancy-related symptoms. The worry i... Read More »

Can you experience pregnancy symptoms a week after unprotected sex?

AnswerIt's possible, but not likely. If you think you are pregnant, go see a doctor or wait until you are late for your period and take a home test. AnswerI experienced pregnancy symptoms 5 days a... Read More »

Could you be pregnant if you had unprotected sex three weeks ago and a pregnancy test was negative but you haven't missed a period yet?

Answer Anytime you have sex you have the opportunity for pregnancy with or w/o a condom. Your risk obviously does increase w/o a condom. Check with your physician or take another test to check f... Read More »