Could you take a child out of the state if you have joint custody?

Answer State of WA - for a vacation, sure. You need to notify the other parent of the place and duration. For good? That would be considered kidnapping.

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If you have joint custody can your child be moved out of state?

No, not if you have joint custody of the child by court. If the other gaurdian only has vistitation rights then NO WAY can you child be removed from the state without your consent, unless it is a h... Read More »

Can the father of your child with joint custody take your son out of state for vacation?

Yes if the father has joint custody he may leave the state with the child for a short period for purposes of a vacation.

Does the mother of a child in joint custody have the right to take her out of state without asking the father?

Answer Absolutely NOT! If you find that you need to move out of state, you need to file a motion to amend your settlement agreement with regards to custody issues. Most likely you will have to pay ... Read More »

With no joint custody can a mother move her child out of state?

That depends on the individual state laws, but even without it specifically covered, the father can and should file an injunction.