Could We Send Best Wishes To My Friend?

Answer poor thing, your friend is definitely in my prayers, may the lord watch over her and heal her, take the pain away and give her peace and comfort. may he shower his blessings upon her, God bless you... Read More »

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Could i send jelly sweets by mail from uk to australia?

The sweets almost certainly provided that they are in their factory sealed original packaging.Not sure about the Marmie (Marmite?) though. We have Vegemite here, but Marmite might be available in ... Read More »

Could someone send me a picture of tila tequila without makeup?

I wouldn't talk with your pic lookin like RuPaul up goodness some people go TOO far with this look.

Could someone send me their unused itunes gift card code?

If you visit the iTunes website, you'll see that they have a promotion going on right now for a free $5 gift card if you sign up for a new account.I've heard that you can set up a few accounts and ... Read More »

Could somone on a cell phone send pictures to someone on a computer using the cellphone?

Yup you just need to put in the email address on contacts then you can send the pics!!Hope i helped!!