Could you relate computers to real life?

Answer On a deeper level computers, or rather technology as a whole are also a way of life. There are people who isolate and immerse themselves in the world of modern technology; their only connection to ... Read More »

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Science Projects That Relate to Real Life?

A science project involves a hypothesis that asks a question then attempts to answer it through an experiment. Once you've done the experiment, you should not only have the answer to the question, ... Read More »

How does density relate to the real world?

I DONT KNOW !!! >_____< i came her looking for an answer AND IT TELLS ME TO ANSWER IT ! uqhhh

How to Make Math Relate to Real World Experiences?

No matter what the age of your students are, math can seem pretty abstract. As students struggle with understanding mathematical concepts, memorizing formulas and practicing calculations, invariabl... Read More »

How does the pearl relate to John Steinbecks's life?