Could a father get sole custody of a 16-month-old if the mother consistently associates with relatives who are drug abusers?

Answer Answer You should seek the advice of an attorney because, while, you could go to Child Protective Services about her exposing the baby to the behavior of her friends, you could also lose any chance... Read More »

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Please wondering if someone could tell me a gift I could by Mom, she has cancer...?

Personalized quilt or blanket. They are a really nice gift, And now that she is sick she will be cold a lot of the time and get to use it a lot. You could get her one with a beautiful quote or poem... Read More »

Could you provide a good chart showing strategy elements hierarchy?

What would you do if you got two free maoam stripes in a magazine and one of your relatives stole them but you had no allowance and could not buy your own sweets and it made you so angry?

It's possible your relative didn't realize you wanted the maoam stripes in the magazine. You should learn to communicate and politely tell your relative that you were saving those stripes for yours... Read More »

Chest pains please provide advice?

YOUR BEST ADVICEGet yourself a thorough medical examination by your doctor who will also ask for the relevant tests or referral.There are numerous causes of chest pains. Some are benign with no c... Read More »