Could you plant a tea bag?

Answer no way impossible My grandmother used tea leaves as a mulch in her garden, but planting a tea bag would not result in anything growing as all there is in a teabag is shredded leaves, you need seed... Read More »

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· If you could be a plant, what would you choose to be?

I would be a lilac bush! I LOVE the smell of lilacs!

If you put seeds in your butt, could a plant grow?

have you ever heard the saying where the sun don't shine no sun no seeds growing

Could salt water stop plant growth?

the salt draws water from the plants causing eventual death of the plant.

What Are Some Materials I Could Use to Make Plant Cells?

The main difference between animal cells and plant cells is the latter has a strong exterior cell wall and a large vacuole. The strong cell wall lets the plant store water. When choosing materials ... Read More »