Could you make a iPod a iPhone?

Answer yes the iphone is easy to use!

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Where could you find a Portable Power Station for iPhone 3G and iPod Black?

the differace is 3g is way speedier and has alot more features as well as the colour can change from silver to black or white. The regular is actually called iphone 2g. it does not have 3g.

How to Move or Delete Applications on an iPod Touch and iPhone from the iPod/iPhone?

It is very annoying when you have applications on your iPod touch/iPhone not where you want them to be or you have downloaded an application from the app store and want to delete it but don't have ... Read More »

Is the iphone 4 just the same as the ipod touch except that it has a phone and camera and On the iphone 4 can you go on the app store and itunes and is the phone also an ipod?

Yes you can do all that I'm pretty sure I'm positive it has all that actually or it wouldn't be an iPhone if it didn't

Could i make my iphone into a wireless camera?

yes you can im a desighner/creator and i put mine on a helicopter now for your car turn blutooth on your laptop on then your iphone go settings data tranfer and turn record on and it will work