Could you live without your computer.?

Answer Easily. I lived on my own wits in the Australian outback for 6 months, and I didn't even have a roof over my head, not having a PC would present no significant challenge.

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Could you live without your computer?

No, I couldn't, EITHER! Being disabled, I don't get out all that often, so, the fact is, that my computer actually, keeps me in touch, with what's happening, in the World!And, - more importantly, -... Read More »

Could you live without a computer?

Before August 13th I would have said no, I couldn't live without it. I shop on-line at Tesco and they deliver to my door. Perfect as I was severely disabled and in a wheelchair with arthritis. On ... Read More »

Could you live without your mobiles?

no way its my most prized possesion i droped mine accidentily down the toilet the other day and i cried for half an hour. how sad! but what can i say i am a phoneaholic lol

Could you live without your cell phone..?

Yes, I don't like cell phones and use mine as little as possible.