Could you live without fruit & vegetables?

Answer You can live - but the quality of your physical being is going to be damaged.Example - look at those that lived thru being in concentration camps - prisoners of war (I saw many coming back from Vie... Read More »

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I don't really like fruit. Are there any vegetables I can eat to replace the nutrients in fruit?

Well a tomatoe is a fruit but it tastes like a vegetable. How about cucomber,potatoe,peppers,etc. Hope this helped. ;-)

Is there Vitamin B12 in fruit or vegetables?

Vitamin B12 -- The Jury Is Still OutThere is no Vitamin B12 in fruits or vegetables - NOT entirely true, since seaweed is considered vegetables. Vitamin B12 is found in some seaweed, processed as S... Read More »

How to Paint With Fruit and Vegetables?

Fed up of eating the same old veggies and fruit? Try something new! Instead of eating your veggies and fruit, try painting with them...

How to Wash Fruit and Vegetables?

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to washing your fruit and vegetables prior to cooking or eating them.