Could you list some unusual spices?

Answer Saffron, Chinese five spice, tumeric are some spices that are not found in most home kitchens, or industrial kitchens.

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List of Spices to Use on Meats?

Most people, whether culinary-inclined or otherwise, know that no chef can go without salt and pepper in the cupboard. However, the world of herbs and spices goes far beyond these mainstays, and an... Read More »

List of Cajun Spices?

Cajun cooking isn't all about adding heat from spices to your food; Cajun flavor is much more complex than that. A little bit of spice, combined with some sweetness, helps enhance the natural flavo... Read More »

List of Culinary Herbs & Spices?

Culinary herbs and spices have been used for centuries. According to West Virginia University, herbs and spices were used as a bartering tool and fortunes were made in the spice trade. The differe... Read More »

List or names of herbs and spices?

GingerOreganoChivesChilli PepperPaprikaPepperGarlicCinnamonDillJasmineLavenderParsleyRosemarySageThymeBasilDry MustardCumin