Could you hear sound better in a cold or hot climate?

Answer Sound is transmitted in waves through the air when molecules come into contact with one another. Therefore, sound travels faster in hot climates because the molecules in higher temperatures have mo... Read More »

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Could you hear sound waves better in a cold or hot climate?

In warm climates the air near the earth is warm, which causes the sound waves to bend away from the earth. The sound waves also travel faster in warm air. So, you hear better in cold climates becau... Read More »

I can hear the surround sound great but i cant hear the ?

Are you using a home theatre receiver with no center speaker? If so, go into the menu on the receiver and find speaker setup. Where it says center speaker change the setting to "none" or "phanto... Read More »

Is the tundra a hot or cold climate?

Of all the biomes, tundras exhibit the coldest temperatures. Though few trees can tolerate the low temperatures, many short-growing plants resist the harsh climate. The tundra divides into two dist... Read More »

How to Pack for Cold Climate Hiking?

Cold ClimatePacking for a cold climate is a challenge. You need to think for hours and pack with care. But sometimes you find that you had the wrong items. Here's how to avoid this.