Could you have asbestos in your house?

Answer If your house was built before the late 1980s in the United States, you could have asbestos in your house. Homes were commonly built using asbestos, a natural mineral found in rocks, until the mid-... Read More »

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If your house is damp and also has asbestos in it could this be the cause of your children's suspected asthma?

The dampness of the house may contribute to children's asthma by encouraging the growth of mold. Asbestos does not contribute to asthma.Although several forms of cancer are caused by asbestos, the ... Read More »

You suddenly have flies in your house and no idea where they are coming from What could be the cause?

A dead rodent or mammal in a wall or the attic is a common one.

If you are seventeen and pregnant can you legally move out of your parents house if you could support yourself and you have already graduated school?

YES. In Georgia, you are legally emancipated at seventeen years of age, not eighteen. Look-up the juvenile law center on the inter-net. It has all of the information that you need regarding the leg... Read More »

Your mother died a year ago and now your grandmother and other siblings wants to sell the house you and your brother stayed since we have the right to partake in selling the house?

If a sibling offers money with no contract formed between the two parties and the lender decides not to pay back the money then unfortunately the lender (sibling) would not get their money back. Wh... Read More »