Could you get pregnant if your hyman wasnt broken?

Answer If you had unprotected penetrative sex there is a strong possibility you could be pregnant, regardless of whether your hymen is still intact. (Though it is unlikely to be.) You could still be pregn... Read More »

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Can you get pregnant if your hyman is not broken?

Does it hurt more to give birth if your hymen wasnt broken?

It possibly could because of the contracting muscles and the skin must be broken in order for a more safer birth of your child.

If your 16 and pregnant and the father who is also 16 wasnt too happy with it but he said he would be there for the baby how do you tell him you found out its twin if your afriad he'll change his mind?

Answer iight lets put it like this his gonna have 2 find anyway i think its best u tell him now b4 its 2 late if u tell him now i dont thynk his gonna b as mad as he will if u dont tell him. Answe... Read More »

Could there be a risk for your baby if you had an x-ray for a broken finger when you were 6 weeks' pregnant and now you are 18 weeks and thinking of having an abortion?

AnswerGet an ultrasound done. Instead of an abortion try adoption. There are families everywhere looking for babies. It costs you no money. Sometimes it even covers any medical care you need done i... Read More »