Could you eat potatoes everyday?

Answer Oh yes.There's baked potatoes, scalloped potatoes, fried potatoes, potatoes florentine, potato soup, julienne potatoes, potato pie, potato gumbo, potato salad, grilled potatoes, hash brown potatoes... Read More »

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Cajun Potatoes or Garlic Dill Potatoes Mustard or Mayo on Sandwiches Mashed Potatoes or Fried Rice?

Cajun Potatoes :)Mustard, definitely...mayo grosses me out unless it's mixed in with something (like deviled eggs or potato salad). Tough one...I love both but I think I have to pick mashed potatoes.

If you could eat anything, all day, everyday and not gain weight?

Crumpets with butter and syrup for breakfast.Hot fresh baguette for lunch with salad and cajun chicken and mint/yoghurt sauce.Curry for dinner - chick pea puri for starters, chicken dupiaza with ba... Read More »

What could be the reason my ADT alarm goes off everyday?

Infrared motion detectors are the biggest source of false alarms. A waving curtain that sunlight hits at a certain time can set them off. You need to look at where the sensor covers and figure out ... Read More »

What band could you listen to all day, everyday, and twice on Sunday?

haha!! Yes for sure OPETH!!!! and also Gojira, Tool, and Joe Satriani