Could you drink a pint of beetroot juice every day?

Answer Well I read this on 'Ceefax' news recently and apparently it can help people with Angina and also prevent heart attacks. I think I could drink half a glass, but a pint every day? I don't think so s... Read More »

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Would you rather drink a pint of water or a pint of beer?

Do you like Juice Do you drink lots of soft drink or fruit juice?

I eat different varieties of fruits and drink water.

Anyone fancy a pint or am i going to drink alone?

I will come with you.Can I have two halves rather than a pint ? .....I'm only a little sh!t and if I drink from a pint pot it makes me feel like I'm going swimming. If your'e not happy with buying ... Read More »

Can you drink a whole pint of beer in one go?

aye matie but it goes right through my bones! savvy