Could you be so kind as to watch this video of my original song and share your thoughts on it?

Answer I love it!What a lucky guy. The song was really good! Yeah, just to reiterate what Maddie said, the song didn't really have a climax. The tempo was pretty consistent throughout the song, it would h... Read More »

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What kind of disk should I use to convert video files on my computer to a DVD to watch on a DVD PLayer?

DVD-Ralso important format yiur videomy player support mpeg2 formats, and i use vidcroppro converter

Do you know , did you know Please share your thoughts on this?

You have some very good points.One only needs to take a look at Australia's adoption reforms to see how adoption should be utilized.Adoption in the USA truly IS a business and truly IS in need of s... Read More »

Where can I watch the mlb highlight video that ESPN made with eminem's Cinderella man song?

What is your thoughts on this song?

I think overall, I do not like the vocalist. It sounds a little like an old Doors song. A little slow. Not my kind of song, but not bad.