Could we start bottling up all this rain and selling it?

Answer Hahahahaha, I would filter it first.

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How to Start a Salsa Bottling Business?

Salsa is a popular food to be jarred or bottled and delivered to friends and family. If you and your family think your salsa is delicious, and you are ready to start a business, jarring and selling... Read More »

Since Wal-Mart is now selling caskets, can I be looking for them to start selling stripper poles?

in case anyone hasnt yet, im gonna make a logical jump here and ask if you put those two things together because you use a casket in your striptease (?). it is Halloween after all -my favorite ho... Read More »

Is this a Ebay scam I feel weird about this email. i am selling iphone 4s and asking for $420.?

100% scam.There is no buyer.Notice how the scammer doesn't call what you are selling by name? He uses the generic word "it", that is because he sends the same stock copy/paste email to anyone selli... Read More »

If you always start your period on your 27th day but have been spotting brown off and on since the 25th day could this be a sign of pregnancy?