Could vegetarian eat chicken?

Answer Hey, YOU are the vegetarian and YOU decide to what extent. Most DO NOT eat any flesh meat, but some do eat chicken and/or fish. Some eat eggs and some don't. There are no hard set rules. Being ... Read More »

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Is chicken vegetarian or non vegetarian ?

1. chickens - are omnivores2. chicken , as a meal - is deemed non vegetarian

If you are a vegetarian can you still eat chicken?

your sister is a POLLOTARIAN!Pollotarians- eats poultry, such as chicken, turkey, and duck, but no red meat. occasionally eats fish.or you can say she is a flexitarianflexitarian- a vegetarian who ... Read More »

If you eat chicken, can you still be considered a vegetarian?

No, but some people would just call you a pollotarian (not sure on the spelling) which means you're basically a vegetarian, and the only meat you eat is chicken.A lot of vegetarians/vegans, includi... Read More »

Is it ok if im a vegetarian that i eat chicken to stay healthy?

You can eat anything you like... you just won't be called a vegetarian if you eat meat.. So you have to decide which is more important, to be "healthy" or to be a vegetarian? I must point out howev... Read More »