Could u die from this?

Answer You may never have heard of scoliosis, but it's actually quite common with teenaged girls.You aren't going to die from it. When I was 22, I lived with a girl whose 24-year-old roommate had scoliosi... Read More »

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Could I have gotten Hep C from this?

i am absoulely appaulled at some of the answers given on this subject- even those from supposed "nurses".first of all HCV is ONLY infectious through cross contamination of blood. hcv infected blood... Read More »

Could my mom get a heart attack from this?

Anything that cause a shock could give the healthiest person a heart attack. Chances are it might not, but you need to think about what else could happen. I like a good joke but sometime people pla... Read More »

What could this rash be from?

Try using medicated gold bond. It's anti itch powder. If it's spreading when you touch it, it means it's infectious. Go see a dermatologist if the gold bond doesn't work. Could be normal for your ... Read More »

Could this be from taking aleve (Naproxen) daily?

There are painkillers, anti-depressants, and stimulants that can cause what you're friend is talking about if you missed taking them for a day or longer, but no, Naprosyn is not known for doing thi... Read More »