Could this have been my hymen breaking?

Answer Your hymen doesn't bleed that much, most girls don't even realize the blood when there hymens break and I believe the longest I've heard is a few days.Since it would be your first period it can be ... Read More »

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You are 27 weeks and have lost 10lbs since your first OB appointment you have been eating lots has this happend to anyone what could cause this?

Answer yes i lost over 2st when i was pregnant, it could be caused by many things such as morning sickness, a hormonal imbalance, or an over active thyroid as long as you and the baby are well and... Read More »

32weeks pregnant and have been on terb for contractions and tonight you've been having a lot of cramping and you've rested but it hurts when you get up what could this be?

Answer For heavens sake woman, get thee to the hospital. You are already at risk of premature labor and you are asking questions on here.

When you woke up this morning with really bad sickness and diarrhea the last couple of days you have been very tearful could this be early stages of pregnancy?

Answer You may be pregnant or you might have a case of food poisoning. Do a test when your period is late.

Does breaking a hymen hurt?

it pretty much depends on the person. some girls break their hymens while doing gymnastics or any other sport, and some girls' hymens don't even break. point is. there are a lot of factors for it ... Read More »