Could this computer record with an HD PVR?

Answer This caught my eye as I have exactly the same AIO except graphics are integrated (no separate graphics card) and Win 7 is Home Premium - which includes Windows Media Center which can very effective... Read More »

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With this camrecorder (link in the description), could I record nice amateur movie?

For what you want yeah, it's a good camera for cheap, but nice videos. And you don't have to add that BGM to videos probably, and when you get it, make me a video of a bunch of fat people running t... Read More »

What possible cause could you come up with, with this computer problem?

hi andron smith, very enteresting problem you got there andron so what it tells me is that at one time or another linux was installed on that computer so what it did was form new drivers away from ... Read More »

What kind of fps could I get with this computer?

Uhm, on low settings maybe 20-30fps on skyrim if you're lucky. Arma 2 is so unoptimized its hard to tell. It's heavy on the gpu though. Arma 2 low settings about 30 in open spaces and 20 in towns/c... Read More »

Im no computer genius so if anyone could help with this i would be very gratefull?

Some firewalls do that to protect you if there is no activity on your IP address. Do you use Zone Alarm? If so, check the settings.