Could this be caused by birth control?

Answer Its take a month before you can see any changes with birth control. If it continues for more than 2 months talk to your doctor. You may be on a birth control that isn't right for you. It took me 3 ... Read More »

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Could this be the result of stopping birth control?

It's probably your hormones adjusting back to "normal". if it continues, by all means go to your dr. but i have heard many times" dont worry if your period doesnt come, Worry if it comes and doesnt... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Facial Hair Caused by Birth Control?

Although there are some great aspects to the pill, such as the prevention of unplanned pregnancies, easing pre-menstrual syndrome pains and as treatment for acne and ovarian cysts, there are also s... Read More »

What could this be caused by?

Let's pray it's not cancer!Try relaxing as much as possible until the appt, it may just not be cancerous lumps. Idk you but I am praying because breast cancer effects many woman. My grandmother's s... Read More »

If you found out you're pregnant but you were taking birth control pills the whole time because you didn't know could that hurt the baby or could there be any side effects?

Answer Yes it could hurt the baby. Taking birth control pills while pregnant can cause fetal development problems, diformaties and miscarriages.