Could this be a trojan?

Answer Do a scan with your antivirus program. You do have an antivirus right?

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What could be happeningHelp!!(Trojan)?

try doing a virus scan. there might be other viruses.

I have tried everything i could think of howdo i get rid of a W32/Trojan.XXS.?

Load.. Get the free home version.. Worked for me. Got the info here from some very nice helpful people. .Good luck.

How do I get rid of this trojan?

Do this...I had that exact same thing. Go to 1.Start2.All Programs3.Accessories4. System Tools5. System Restore6. Go to a restore point 7. restart your computerEdit- There is no program that can ge... Read More »

Is this trojan very bad?

trojan is something which destroys your pc no matter u install it from a cd / pen drive/ external hard diska virus is afterall a virus .i think you are cracking a game i think there is no need to c... Read More »