Could this actually rupture a man's testicle?

Answer Yes...

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Who first used the phrase a rich mans war and a poor mans fight to describe the civil war?

The same as any other 4 star in any other branch. The salary depends on the general's years of service. Excluding taxes and special pay (such as whether or not the general is in a hazardous area or... Read More »

What is this under the mans jumper?

I imagine it's a cravat/ascot - could just be a silk scarf though.

Is this mans body average or too skinny?

I have lumpy tube near my left testicle! I am 13 is this cancer!!?

1. Difference in size[testicles,ovaries,breasts, etc.,] is a natural phenomenon.2. At times the blood vessels may be palpable.3. No cancer. Nothing like that.4. Prudent to see a general surgeon, in... Read More »