Could this actually rupture a man's testicle?

Answer Yes...

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Who first used the phrase a rich mans war and a poor mans fight to describe the civil war?

The same as any other 4 star in any other branch. The salary depends on the general's years of service. Excluding taxes and special pay (such as whether or not the general is in a hazardous area or... Read More »

Does lifting weights cause a rupture?

On One Hand: Weightlifting May Cause a RuptureA rupture is when a muscle is torn from the bone by trying to lift a load that is beyond the limit of the muscle. This can happen in weightlifting, esp... Read More »

I think I might of had a Brain Aneurysm rupture, but how do I know for sure?

A ruptured aneurysm would produce neurological signs, which you do not mention. It is true that a sudden, every severe headache is a frequent symptom of stroke, but it doesn't normally present on i... Read More »

Can a disc rupture if a dog falls off the bed?

On One Hand: Small DogsDogs can rupture a spinal disc by falling off a bed. Small dogs are especially susceptible to injury from falling off or jumping off furniture. The distance for little dogs i... Read More »