Could these rough raised bumps in the corner of my eye be cancer?

Answer On One Hand: It Is PossibleIt is possible that rough, raised bumps near the eye are a form of skin cancer or are a precancerous lesion known as actinic keratosis. Actinic keratosis is a skin lesion... Read More »

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What are raised bumps on the skin?

Bumps on the skin may indicate any of a wide range of conditions. says that a bump's color, location and overall look can affect diagnosis and treatment.Common Skin ProblemsBlocked... Read More »

Raised Bumps or Pimples on the Legs & Back of Arms?

Keratosis pilaris is a harmless skin condition that causes small raised red, brown or flesh-colored bumps on the back of the uppers arms and thighs. Keratosis pilaris can also occur on the cheeks, ... Read More »

Painful, itchy, red, raised bumps on hands and fingers?

It's a form of dermatitis or eczema. I get it on one finger in the same spot every time and know how horribly itchy and painful it can be! An over the counter cortisone/steroid cream will help, b... Read More »

How to Place Corner Shelves in a Hung Corner Cabinet?

Adjustable shelves can be installed in a corner wall cabinet. The holes are drilled the entire length of the cabinet, so you will be able to place your shelf anywhere inside. This will allow you to... Read More »