Could there be something wrong?

Answer I've had a simular thing going on a couple months ago, so normally i would just say its no big deal, and its just chest pains or heartburn.... BUT because there is a history of heart problems in yo... Read More »

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If you are 12 days late and having cramps but test was negative could you still be pregnant or could there be something else wrong?

%DETAILS% Answer Take another test. If it is negative, you should see a doctor. Occasionaly some women need medication to restart their period for some reason or another. If it is positive, call... Read More »

Could there be something wrong with my eyes?

Your eyes may be sensitive, for example if you had lasic eye surgery (even if it is not recent).Or, if you have anti-wrinkle cream that you put under your eyes, that may give you a rash and watery ... Read More »

Could there be something wrong with your pregnancy if you can't hear a heartbeat at 11 weeks?

Answer No, I didn't hear my babies heartbeat until I was about 14 weeks. It also depends on how much belly fat you have. I had some belly fat so maybe that's why it was a little longer for me. Don... Read More »

Is there something wrong with my Canon Rebel t3 Or am I just not understanding something Please help!!?

To use your T3i in Manual Mode you must do two things:1) Learn to use your camera's light meter. Your Owner's Manual will explain how.2) Learn the Exposure Triangle - Aperture/Shutter Speed/ISO:htt... Read More »