Could starvation kill an unborn baby?

Answer Answer No, the baby will feed off of every last nutrient you have, even if you starve yourself the baby can feed off the liquid, you intake. Some people might say you should be "Responsible" and ke... Read More »

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Can the flu kill a unborn baby?

it depends if the baby is going to be born premature bet if its just a headache or a blocked nose it wont kill it but a more serious flu will at least disable it

How to kill a unborn baby?

By having an abortion at the doctor by either using pills or a surgical abortion.

Can ibuprofen kill an unborn baby?

If your doctor has not prescribed the medicine, then you should not be taking it at all. Most people with a condition make compromises in favor of the baby, sometimes reducing pain medication or us... Read More »

Can not eating kill an unborn baby?

Malnutrition can cause a miscarriage. Yes, and it can kill you as well. Food is essential to yourself and your baby as well. Remember, you are eating for two. You, and the baby. And if whatever y... Read More »