Could something be wrong with me sleeping problem?

Answer Are you eating enough? Do you drink a lot of caffeine? Before you decide it's a medical condition you should ask yourself those two questions. If you aren't eating enough then your body will become... Read More »

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Is there any problem with sleeping in pantyhose?

No, I do from time to time. My husband loves it when I do and like to snuggle up to me. ;)

Sleeping problem or not is 6 hours a night bad for me?

Everyone is different. Doctors tout the whole 8 hours of sleep per night thing, but it just doesn't work for some people. My Dad and I find we function better on 6-7 hours of sleep a night -- any... Read More »

When you wake up with a kink in your neck from sleeping the wrong way, should you use heat or ice to help?

Tylenol is for acute pain. Ibuprofin is for muscle aches, like you have.What works for me is: Sit up on the side of your bed, feet on the floor. Take your left arm, reach over your head, grabbin... Read More »

Sleeping problem!! help. Is it sleep paralysis its scarry!!!?

when it happens just calm down close your eyes and breath easily and think of waking up or Jesus if you are religious it happened to me too but it stopped u must know this is the astral world you ... Read More »