Could something be medically wrong with a baby who cries with no tears?

Answer They have no tear glands, or they were damaged

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Could there be something wrong if you are 20 weeks pregnant with your third child and you haven't felt your baby move like you did with your last child?

Answer It is impossible to say. Only an ultrasound could make you relaxed, I suppose. Please see your doctor if you are worried. Good luck to you! Answer I am sure things are just fine, but it's... Read More »

Could something be wrong with me sleeping problem?

Are you eating enough? Do you drink a lot of caffeine? Before you decide it's a medical condition you should ask yourself those two questions. If you aren't eating enough then your body will become... Read More »

Could there be something wrong with my eyes?

Your eyes may be sensitive, for example if you had lasic eye surgery (even if it is not recent).Or, if you have anti-wrinkle cream that you put under your eyes, that may give you a rash and watery ... Read More »

What is wrong with me (medically)?

You should go to emergency, my cousin had it before. They put a IV in her gave her medicine and the swelling went down tremendously. Not to scare or anything, but if she hasn't gone in she might no... Read More »