Could someone tell me the facts behind kosher meat?

Answer I think the website below will you understand more about Kosher meats.

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What's the difference between kosher meat and halal meat?

Kosher meat must come from an animal that: a) has cloven hooves and chews cud, and b) is slaughtered by having its throat cut in a single stroke with a sharp, perfectly straight-edged knife. After ... Read More »

Please wondering if someone could tell me a gift I could by Mom, she has cancer...?

Personalized quilt or blanket. They are a really nice gift, And now that she is sick she will be cold a lot of the time and get to use it a lot. You could get her one with a beautiful quote or poem... Read More »

Veggies & Vegans: Could you forgive someone who tricked you in to eating meat?

if they were in my family i would forgive them after a few days, but it would take a long time and a lot of cold shoulders before i did. i might not forgive a peron i wasnt close with.

How do you politely tell someone that you don't eat meat?

I think a good idea is to bring a vegetarian dish to add to the dinner menu - it's a great gesture and a wonderful way to let your friends know and to show them how great a vegetarian meal item can... Read More »