Could someone please explain how "Facebook" works?

Answer If you have a myspace it is the same idea as that.If you dont ... then listennnn upp:)When you first go into the page it will come upp at the top a log in will enter your email and passw... Read More »

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Can someone please explain how the canon software works?

You buy a camera to shoot pictures. Forget the software. Use anything you're comfortable with. You will only need Canon's software if you shoot RAW. Most mere mortals don't need to and that include... Read More »

Can someone please explain to me how a virus or malware etc. works?

Your question is very broad in scope so I apologize if this answer isn't exactly what you're looking for. Malware (including viruses) are just programs like any other programs you might have instal... Read More »

Could someone explain simply what an ipod is please?

An iPod is a portable music player created by Apple. To get music on it you must install the iTunes software. You can add your CDs to the iPod through automatic conversion when you play the CD in i... Read More »

Days of our lives, Could someone please explain John's background history?

This is all the same John Black:Ryan Brady DiMeraForrest AlamainRoman BradyFather JohnNot sure where the list ends but here is the whole thing: